Industrial Respiratory Systems provides CSA certified breathing air for industrial applications including service, rental and management of supplied breathing air systems.

Industrial Respiratory Systems

We specialize in the development and provision of advanced breathing air solutions tailored to a wide range of challenging scenarios. Our innovative systems are meticulously designed to safeguard individuals working in hazardous environments, ranging from dusty settings to extreme, immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH) atmospheres. These systems not only ensure safety but also elevate worker comfort, enabling them to perform effectively in extreme heat and cold conditions, thus facilitating the timely completion of tasks. The improved comfort experienced by workers not only contributes to their well-being but also enhances overall productivity. With a wealth of experience across various industrial applications, Industrial Respiratory Systems is well-equipped to anticipate and adapt to diverse situations that demand reliable breathing air solutions.

Our systems play a critical role in supplying clean, breathable air to crews of 1 to 100 individuals, operating in multiple areas of high-risk environments. With expertise spanning various industries, including Pulp and Paper Mills, Refineries, Metal Smelters, Incineration facilities, Hydro Transformer Stations, Asbestos Abatement, Sandblasting, and Marine applications.

Industrial Respiratory Systems is the Vancouver Island leader in providing a lifeline of fresh air.

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Anywhere workers are exposed to airborne chemicals and dust, our systems provide the safety required. Refineries, with their volatile compounds and potentially toxic gases, rely on Industrial Respiratory Systems to protect employees during maintenance and emergencies. Metal Smelters face the challenge of noxious fumes, while Incineration facilities deal with the release of harmful particulates, both situations calling for the constant supply of clean air. Hydro Transformer Stations and their associated risks demand the presence of these systems, as do asbestos abatement and sandblasting operations. Even in marine applications, where workers may confront confined spaces or the potential for gas leaks, these respiratory systems stand as the last line of defense, ensuring that crews can work with confidence and safety.

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With our advanced industrial respiratory systems we ensure the safety and well-being of your workforce – contact us to safeguard the future of your business today!